Scheduling of courses

Western PaddleSports runs the courses its clients require all year round.

We have found that setting a fixed schedule typically does not suit our clients. Our approach is we will schedule the course you want when it is convenient for you to do it. We run courses for everyone from individuals up to small groups with a maximum number of six craft in a program.

Please email us with your contact details and an outline of what you want to do, and an indication of when it would suit you to do the program of interest to you. Our email address is

If you would like to discuss any aspect of your course please call on 0411 885 052 or (08) 9401 3287.

If we can link you with others who wish to do the same program we will do so. Once a booking is confirmed you will be supplied with a course outline and any other documentation you need to complete.

When do we run our courses

Flatwater courses

Flatwater courses run all year round. In particular our Introduction to Paddling and Initial Skills classes are conducted regularly each month. The majority of our flatwater courses are run at Peppermint Grove, but other venues such as Mindarie are possible.

Please email us at to arrange a booking, or call us on 0411 885 052.

You may enjoy organising a small group and have an individual session organised just for you and your friends. Typically flatwater courses are run at weekends, but are also available mid-week.

Sea Kayaking

Sea kayak courses also run all year round. Spring, summer & autumn usually offer warmer conditions, although some winter days can be exceptional.

Sea kayak training is available both individually and in groups. Courses may be customised to suit your objectives and skill level.

To join any sea programs you must be able to show sufficient prior experience or have undertaken prior skills training with us to qualify for any ocean excursions.
Please email us at to arrange a booking, or call us on 0411 885 052.

Whitewater Courses

Whitewater courses are usually run during the small window of opportunity when winter rain produces sufficient flow in our rivers. Summer courses are also possible when dam release provides sufficient flow. To undertake whitewater courses you will need to have completed appropriate skills courses or be able to show you have sufficient prior experience. Whitewater opportunities can arise at short notice, so please check with us.

Please email us at to arrange a booking, or call us on 0411 885 052.

Our fee policy

We endeavour to provide exceptional value and service to our clients on our courses, and we often receive unsolicited notes of appreciation for the quality of tuition provided.

Our standard course fees for small groups are based on a rate of $125 (plus GST) per person per half day. We will provide tuition either using your craft or ours. We only charge fees for tuition, we do not charge any hire fees for the use of any of our kayaks or other equipment.

There may be a small surcharge for individual tuition or to cover travel costs where courses are held outside the Perth metropolitan area.

We provide a group discount rate for larger groups (3 or more participants booking the same course together) when booking multi-day programs. Please discuss your group requirements with us and we will provide a rate based on the program you require.

Our social program on a Tuesday evening is FOC to any client who has done a skills course with us.


Where possible courses should be pre-paid. Payment by cheque, cash or internet transfer are available.

Internet transfer
If you wish to make a transfer please include a reference that will enable us to identify the transaction. Please contact us for account details.

Cheques together with your event disclaimer form should be forwarded to:
Western PaddleSports, P.O. Box 376, Scarborough, WA 6019

By arrangement, cash payments can be made on the day of your course. This option is provided where events are organised at short notice.